Monday, October 11, 2004


Boycott KFC / Taco Bell For One Hour, 10/16/04

If you've found this site, you already know that Sinclair Broadcast Group has required all of its member stations to air the anti-Kerry movie, "Stolen Honor", in the days immediately preceding the presidential election on November 2nd.

We believe that such action is counter productive to the election process on so many levels. Some activists are calling on Sinclair to provide "equal time" for the Kerry campaign.

We disagree.

We believe this is issue is much larger than a one time foray into electioneering by a single broadcast conglomerate. If this plan by SBG is allowed to go forward, it opens up the media gates of hell for campaigning in future presidential elections, and further erodes democratic values that we supposedly espouse in America.

To drive this message home, we are proposing a very specifically targeted boycott, for a very limited period of time. Our desire is that this boycott be marked by intensity - totally shut down the revenue stream of a major SBG advertiser for a period of one hour on Saturday, October 16, 2004. After much consideration by a small group of progressive activists, Yum! group was chosen as the target of the boycott.

Yum! group is the parent company of KFC / Taco Bell. We have nothing inherently against the Yum! group. In fact, it was generally agreed among the founders of this boycott that we LIKE both KFC and Taco Bell. So a long term boycott was out of the question. What we decided is that intensity and saturation was the key. We want to make a financial point.

So here's what we propose. On 10/16/04, a nationwide one-hour demonstration / boycott takes place outside of as many KFC's and Taco Bells as possible. Our intent is not to just deny Yum! our own business, but any business at all for a one hour period. To make the most financial impact, the boycott has to be concurrent, from east coast to west coast. And so, we ask that you take ONE HOUR of your time this coming Saturday, and picket outside of your local KFC or Taco Bell. Here's the timeframes:

We will be notifiying Yum! group of our intentions in advance. Our hope is that, with this very specifically targeted and timebound boycott, Yum! will communicate their concerns to Sinclair Broadcast Group, and that SBG will reconsider the overtly partisan requirement that their affiliates air "Stolen Honor" at any time prior to November 2nd.

Over the next day or two, we'll be providing links to flyers that you can hand out at the driveway entrance to your local KFC / Taco Bell, and suggested wording for information signs that you may wish to create.

In the meantime, you may wish to contact Yum! and express your dissatisfaction with their advertising on Sinclair Group affiliated stations. Here's the contact information:

Email: amy.sherwood@yum.com
Phone: 502 874-2543; alternate: 1-800-tacobell

Check back for updates in the coming few days.


October 2004  

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